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"We love our new garage and can’t wait to show it off to our neighbors. "

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Garage Storage Milledgeville Homeowners Trust

It’s so easy to allow your garage to get overrun with stuff. Don’t let your stuff take over precious space any longer. We have the expertise and training to help you create a garage storage plan that will help you create that organized garage that you’ve been dreaming about. Before you know it, you’ll have the garage storage in Milledgeville that you’ve been looking for.

How We’re Different

There are so many storage solutions out there that can easily be used in your garage. What makes our products and process so unique? We pride ourselves on our ingenuity and adaptability when it comes to garage storage in Milledgeville.

  • Think Outside the Box: Take back your precious floor space by utilizing lessor used spaces; like your garage walls! Hang your items from our shelves to maximize storage.
  • No More One-Size-Fits-All: Monkey Bar Storage products are easily changed and adjusted to meet changing storage needs without tools.
  • Low Maintenance: Our products are easily cleaned, allowing you to spend your Saturday doing something other than cleaning! Did we mention that all you need is a little water and soap to clean these products, no special products needed.

Solutions For You

  • Garage Shelving – Hold more with our shelves. Each 4 foot length of shelving easily holds up to 1,000lbs.
  • Garage Cabinets – Store your items safely behind locked doors. Cabinets are perfect for items better kept away from curious fingers or pets.
  • Overhead Garage Storage – Seasonal or long-term storage can easily be kept off the floor and out of the way on these racks.
  • Garage Flooring – Add instant value to any space with brand new flooring that also looks great!

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Who knew garage storage in Milledgeville could be so easy? Don’t delay having the garage that you have always wanted! Give us a call and find out just how easy it is to create your dream garage.

by on May 29, 2012