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"We love our new garage and can’t wait to show it off to our neighbors. "

Tom G - Gray


"You offered an organized, easy to use, versatile storage solution that turned our garage into a tidy, spacious place for our..."

Tyrel P - Eatonton

Garage Looks

"The Monkey Bar System works great. We love the way our garage looks. "

Jeff H - Macon, GA

Overhead Storage Macon Homeowners Love

Seasonal items, lessor used possessions and long-term storage are the hardest to organize. Overhead storage in Macon easily allows you to store all of these items safely over your head. Our trained professionals take the time to install your overhead racks safely and securely so you don’t have to worry about your items slipping off.

  • Maximizes Storage: Spaces above doors and ceiling space are often forgotten and remain empty. Easily store more while keeping your floor space available for vehicles, work spaces, or other uses.
  • No More Piles: Overhead storage allows you to get the boxes and piles of stuff off your garage floor.
  • Safety Lips: Each of our overhead storage racks come with a safety lip that ensures your items will remain safely above your head, so you won’t have to worry about items slipping off the racks on to your vehicle.

Overhead Storage Macon

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Macon overhead storage

Overhead Storage Works For You

Most homeowners forget about the space above their heads in the garage. We decided to maximize that space with overhead racks that easily hold hundreds of pounds of your storage items, whether it be holiday decorations, high school memorabilia, or perhaps presents you’re hiding from your family.

Make It Work For You: Don’t worry about getting stuck with a one-storage-option. Our overhead racks are easily adjusted to hold more or less of your items.

Go The Distance: Overhead storage in Macon is perfect for industrial, commercial and home use because it’s so versatile.



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Overhead Garage Storage Features

Steel Design: Only the strongest materials are used for our overhead racks. We craft these racks with steel, allowing for a stronger storage solution. The 10 gauge steel used is able to handle your heaviest storage.

Cost Effective: Unlike other storage options on the market, our overhead storage in Macon won’t break the bank.

Speedy Installation: Trained professionals fasten overhead racks securely into trusses, ensuring stability and security. Installation typically takes 1-2 days.

Supreme Safety: The idea of storing hundreds of pounds of stuff above your car or head can sound like a bad idea. Our overhead storage racks attach to trusses and walls with four mounting points. With this many points of safety, you can rest assured your storage and car are safe.

Safety Lip: The idea of your storage slipping off the overhead racks is terrifying but we designed these racks with a 2 inch safety lip. This lip ensures that your items will remain safely above your head without slipping off.

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by on May 29, 2012